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Vocal Music

Reflection: Four Poems by Emily Bront
Instrumentation: voice, cello, piano
Duration: 6 minutes

The Seasons: Four Poems of Emily Dickinson
Instrumentation: soprano, cello, piano
Duration: 11 minutes

Snowflakes Fall Softly
Instrumentation: voice, piano
Duration: 3:25 minutes
Snowflakes fall softly was originally written for a promotional video for the 2017 live performance of Arcady’s There’s a song in the air in Ontario, Canada. It is a crossover song appealing to both popular and classical audiences. It works equally well as a solo piece or with unison voices, with obligato cello and violin (or recorder, flute) or without. Suitable for any voice type. The obligato part is provided. Also available with string orchestra accompaniment.

Stille Nacht
Instrumentation: soprano, flute, piano
Duration: 4 minutes
Stille Nacht appears on the Arcady CD Welcome Yule (2001) and also in an English version on the Ruby Productions CD Peace on Earth (2000). Both tracks have received frequent radio plays over the holidays in Canada and Europe. The two versions have been a favourite of many Canadian ensembles for both live performance and videos in the following years. It is a mainstay of Arcady holiday programs and an annual audience favourite. Austere and beautiful in its long-ago way. -James Reaney, London

Chamber Music

Sonata for Viola and Piano (2019)
Instrumentation: viola, piano
Duration: 11 minutes

Trio for Flute, Clarinet, and Horn (2002)
Instrumentation: Flute, Clarinet, and Horn
The Trio appears on the Arcady CD A Beckett Miscellany from 2002. Originally written for a high school trio, the work is simple to assemble and has been a favourite of amateurs and professionals alike. A version is also available for violin, oboe, and cello.