Songs and Song Cycles

Adam talks to temptation, 2012

Alleluia, 2004

And the child grew, 2019

The burning babe, 2013

By the roadside (Walt Whitman) (solo and string orchestra) , 2015

  1. A farm picture
  2. A child’s amaze
  3. Beautiful women
  4. The runner

The creatures’ call (orchestrated), 2015

  1. Animals
  2. The Lamb
  3. The Black-Faced Honey Creeper
  4. The monkey speaks his mind
  5. A bird came down the walk

D’abord argent, puis invisible, 2020

Doppelgänger, 2021

The evening sun, 2015

The Faeries, 2015 (SSA or unison) (solos, cello, music box (piano)

First Silver, Then Invisible, 2020

Five Poems of Emily Brontë, 2021

  1. Tell me, tell me, smiling child
  2. A little budding rose
  3. Still beside the dreary water
  4. I’ll come when thou art saddest
  5. The evening sun

Four Poems of Lauren Peat, 2021

  1. Sublunar
  2. Elemental
  3. What passes through
  4. Green

Four songs for voice, violin, and cello from poems by Emily Brontë, 2020

  1. Love and Friendship
  2. O Evening
  3. She dried her tears
  4. The soft unclouded blue of air

Go heart, 1983

The human seasons, 2021

The Golden Mean, 2014 (solo, cello, harpsichord)

I love to think that Jesus saw, 2021

In freezing winter night, 1989*

In the carpenter shop, 2016 

Judas to Jesus, 2011

Cradle Song- Ere the moon begins to rise, 2008

Lies, 2016 

My God, why has thou forsaken me (duet), 2021

My Letter to the world, 2020

  1. This is my letter to the world
  2. The sky is low
  3. I never saw a moor

Naomi, you shall not call me (from Ruth), 1996

Nature’s Cry (wordless) (solo voice and piano/chamber orchestra), 2014

A NOISELESS, patient spider, 2014

Oh cross of stars, 2021

O give thanks, 2021

Poems by A.E.Housman, 2014 (incomplete)

  1. With rue my heart is laden

Poems by John Keats, 2015 (incomplete)

  1. On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer
  2. A song about myself
  3. To one who has been long in city pent

Poems of serenity and contemplation of Lydia Sharpe, 2021

  1. Not everything that breaks is broken
  2. Swan Lake
  3. Seeker
  4. Solitude
  5. The Horizon
  6. Serenity

Prayer of St. Francis, 2012

Psalm 47, 2004

Psalm 150, 2015 

Psalm 150, 2021

Reading Gaol, 2008

The record of John, 1982

Reflection: Three Poems by Emily Bronte, 2012 (piano with clarinet, oboe)

  1. The sun has set
  2.  Fall, leaves, fall
  3. The sun has set

Seeker (solo, recorder, cello, piano), 2016

Serenity, 2014

A shepherd band, 1982*

Sick song suite, 2011

  1. I love school
  2. Please Miss, Let Me Go Home!
  3. I don’t feel at all healthy today
  4. A Big Pill
  5. We have to do a test at school
  6. They say I’m sick
  7. Catch a cold and pass it on
  8. Love Bug

Snow flakes fall softly, 2013

Song of Thanks, 2012

Songs of fracture, 2019

  1. I was not permitted
  2. The sound surrounds
  3. If he stays
  4. I look for the cold

Spring, 2013 

Tell me, tell me, smiling child, 2015 (SSA, solo, piano)

Three Christmas songs,1982

Three inscriptions by Walt Whitman, 2015

  1. Beginning my studies
  2. A clear midnight
  3. Animals

Three Short Poems by Emily Brontë, 2014 

  1. Lonely at her window
  2. Twas one of those dark and cloudy days
  3. There are two trees

Three songs for baritone, cello, piano, 2016

  1. Annabel Lee
  2. Mild the mist
  3. The sun has set

Three spiritual poems of Nick Peros, 2021

  1. Sweet is the scent of sacred pine
  2. The crystal water of endless life
  3. Time is sleeping

Time is sleeping, 2014

The Tyger, 2012

Villanelle, 2013

When Mary goes walking, 2016 

Your God shall be my God (from Ruth), 1996

Zechariah, do not fear (from John), 1997

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Five Poems of Emily Dickinson, 2013 

  1. I taste liquor
  2. Hope
  3. So set its sun in thee
  4. A drop fell on the apple tree
  5. A bird came down the walk

Four Romantic Songs, 2008

  1. When I was one-and-twenty
  2. Ozymandias
  3. When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer
  4. So, we’ll go no more a-roving

I’m Nobody – Three poems by Emily Dickinson, 2008

  1. I’m nobody! Who are you?
  2. WILL there really be a morning?
  3. If I can stop one heart from breaking

A man young and old, 2011

  1. No Second Troy
  2. On being asked for a War Poem
  3. That Crazed Girl
  4. My fiftieth year

Poems by William Blake, 2013 (choral SSA-unison or solo)

  1. The Tyger
  2. The Lamb
  3. Holy Thursday (1)
  4. Spring
  5. The poison tree
  6. London (1)
  7. London (2)
  8. Holy Thursday (2)
  9. The Little Vagabond

Reflection: Four Poems by Emily Bronte,

  1. Mild the mist
  2. Fall, leaves, fall
  3. The Sun Has Set 1
  4. The Sun Has Set 2

The Seasons: Four Poems of Emily Dickinson, 2006

  1. Winter: There’s a certain slant of light
  2. Spring: A light exists in spring
  3. Summer: It will be Summer-eventually
  4. Autumn: Besides the autumn poets sing  

Songs of the spirit, 2011

  1. What if?
  2. Sailing to Byzantium
  3. Who is this?
  4. This quiet dust
  5. To see the world in a grain of sand

Three Latin poems of Catullus, 2001

  1. I hate and I love
  2. Atalanta picks up the apples
  3. To Diana