Chorus and Orchestra

Adeste Fideles, 1987* (SATB, SSA, strings, keyboard…also flute and piano)

Angels appear unexpectedly (chorus, harp), 2014

Before the ice, 2010 (SSA, oboe, strings (piano)

Bird of dawning, 2010 (2 flutes, strings (piano)

Bright and joyful is the morn,1981 (SATB)

A carol medley, 2011 (SSA, orchestra, piano)

A child my choice, 1995* (SSA, harp or piano)

A Christmas hymn, 1985* (SATB, orchestra, keyboard)

  1. Sinfonia
  2. As I out rode
  3. No sound was heard
  4. What tidings bringest thou, messenger?
  5. About the field

The cat and the moon, 2014 (chorus, orchestra)

Child of the snows, 2009

The Christ-child, 2006

Christmas at sea, 2009 (SSA, SATB, piano, cello)

Christmas Greeting, 2009 (SSA, 2 flutes, strings (piano)

Ding dong, merrily on high, 2001* (SATB SSA, flute, trumpet, oboe, strings, lute, piano, organ)

Give Thanks Unto the Lord, 2010 (SATB, flute, strings (organ,piano)

Gloomy night embraced the place (SATB)

Gloria, 2011 (SATB, piano (organ)

Good King Wenceslas, 2009 (SSA, SATB, solos, orchestra (piano)

He Is Risen, 2020

Holy Thursday, 2012

In dulci jubilo, 2012 (unison voices, solo, orchestra, piano, lute, banjo, vibraphone, organ…also brass quintet version)

In perfect starlight, 2010 (SATB or SSA, solo, piano, flute)

I saw three ships, 2000* (SSA, SATB, solos, flute, strings (piano)

Joy to the world, 2005* (SSA and SATB, 2 fl, trumpet (oboe), strings, keyboard)

The land of myth, 2014

Laudate omnes gentes, 2009 (SATB piano, recorder, drum)

The Little Vagabond (SSA, piano, cello), 2015

The song my paddle sings (SATB, mezzo soprano solo, flute, violin, cello two percussionists, keyboard), 2015

Mass for the people, 2004  Unison chorus and seven instruments (trumpet, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, violin, cello)

  1. Kyrie
  2. Gloria
  3. Sanctus
  4. Benedictus
  5. Angus Dei

Memorial Acclamation and Amen, 2004  (unison and organ)

Minstrels, 2008 (SSA, clarinet (flute) piano (harpsichord)

A Narrow Fellow in the Grass, 2009

Nature’s cry, 2009 (versions for solo, SSA, piano trio, lute, guitar)

The night before Christmas, 2014

O Canada SSA

O clap your hands, 1984 (SATB, piano or organ)

O holy night, 2003 (SATB, piano)

An offering of songs, 2011 (SATB, solos, orchestra)

Our lady’s song, 1994* (SATB, SSA, solos, strings, organ)

Out of the cradle endlessly rocking, 1999 (SATB, soloists, woodwind quintet)

Pange lingua, 1986 (SATB, oboe, strings, organ)

Past three a clock, 1990* (SSA, flute, strings, piano, 2 soloists)

Pent Angels/Pentangles/ Pen Tangles, 1990 (2 choirs, soloist, flute, trumpet, piano, harpsichord, organ, percussion)

Poetica, 2011 (chorus and orchestra, incomplete)

  1. A narrow fellow in the grass
  2. This world is not conclusion
  3. The Evening Darkens Over
  4. Bright Star

Psalm 150, 1985

Psalm of Joy (SATB, piano, strings), 2015 

Round from I AM…., 1998

The savior must have been, 2009 (solo, oboe, cello)

Shout for joy, 2013 (SATB strings, trumpets timpani)

Silent night, 2000*

Scarf and Mittens, 2016 (SATB, orchestra)

Stille nacht, 1990* (SSA and SATB, flute, strings, piano…also English version)

Sweet cedar lullaby, 2012 (mezzo soprano & baritone solos, SATB chorus, youth chorus, recorder (oboe), koto, rainstick, strings)

Then since our charms have sped, 1994

These are Thy glorious works, 1984 (SATB, baritone solo, orchestra)

To his coy mistress, 2011 (solo, SATB chorus, 2 alto recorder, treble & bass instrstruments, FX, koto, piano)

Wassail song  (SSA, flute, trumpet, piano)

The twinkling moon, 2012 (SSA, piano)

The unfortunate lover, 2012 (arranged for mixed chorus, youth chorus, 3 soloists)

Vivamus, mea Lesbia, 2011 (TTB, piano)

Wassail song, 1991*

Where is this stupendous stranger?, 2014 (SATB rock organ (orchestra)